Customise bespoke music to match and enhance your vision in your visual creative project.

MatchMusic is an industry proven bespoke music company bringing your project to life with professional, creative and state of the art production.

We believe that music for any project should remain collaborative. The result of this type of process goes beyond the typical results of any sync company, leaving the client with a special product that can far exceed expectations. We match any style you like, and then we enhance and tailor it.

We are capable of working on many types of projects: whether your project evolves, and needs close collaboration, or whether you need a finished piece of music quickly, we can accommodate your unique project's budget and timeline, delivering on time and to your complete satisfaction.

The team is lead by producer, composer and musician Rob Shipster. With 10 years of industry experience in music production and 25 years of practical experience playing with many different ensembles, he has gained a reputation for his open-mindedness producing music from many genres and styles from all over the world. His passion is conveyed in the music.

See some examples of our wide ranging work and versatility through our Portfolio.

If you are interested in our services or would like any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.